Alexander Goldstein's approaches filmmaking differently than many other filmmakers, not only because he produces, writes and directs, but also because he is his own editor, cameraman, music director, music composer and whatever else the circumstances may call upon. His style may not be universally unique, but it is fresh and it is universally recognized.

What makes Alexander Goldstein’s films stand out? No doubt it is his approach to integrity and quality, his talent, attention to detail, ability to see the world differently than others and transcend language barriers. Yet the root of it all is his ability to understand the language of music and to interpret the world through that prism. Music and sound in his films are an inseparable part of the whole picture and the power of his visual imagery is unforgettable.

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Alexander Goldstein directed and edited films, documentaries, television shows and animations including:
2014 We Testify, film one
2013 Naples, Florida REDEFINING PARADISE
2012 Arktic in Boston
2011 Because Someone Believed In Me
2010 We Got It Good
2009 If These Walls Could Talk
2009 Kings of the Dance II
2008 Voshozhdenie s Olimpa
2006 Kings of the Dance (Named by New York Magazine as top 10 cultural events of 2006)
2005 Well Done (TV Show 2 27-minute episodes)
2005 - 2011 Time Out (TV Show 121 27-minute episodes)
2002 - 2005 Progulki po Broadway (TV Show 50 26-minute episodes)
2002 Gariki I Cheloveki (5-part documentary)


2014 Telly Award
2014 Hemes Award
2013 Telly Award
2012 Hermes Award
2011 Telly Award
2010 Videographer Award
2010 AVA Award
2009 Videographer Award
2008 Naples Daily News
Choice Star Award

Naples Oral Histories:
"If These Walls Could Talk"
2010 AVA Platinum Award


Certified Media Composer Editing
Certified Media Composer 3D Effects
Certified Media Composer Advanced Editing
Certified Media Composer Advanced Effects
Certified Photoshop
Certified Apple DVD Studio Pro
Certified Adobe After Effects

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